Aligning your brand with your business drivers.

Today, companies are beginning to understand that people want meaning instead of messaging. Call it conversation, call it content, call it whatever you like. ‘Brand’ is not about what you say or how you look, but about who you are and what you do.

At Duval Branding, we dare companies to (re)discover who they really are. Why are they doing what they are doing? And, then, we help them to communicate their vision, beliefs and personality in a coherent, inspiring way. So they, somehow, become who they truly are.

Duval Branding is founded by Gert Mahieu and Marc Wellens and is a member of Duval Union, founded by André Duval.

  • Partena Professional
  • TAJO
  • Vermec
  • Re-vive
  • Antwerp Tower
  • Da Giovanni
  • Stokers
  • Agilitas
  • Parentia
  • Spéciale Belge
  • T-Groep
  • RentSetGo
  • Benjamine
  • Sibomat
  • InBev
  • Impact
  • Puratos
  • Mio
  • DEME
  • City of Ghent
  • Boeckx and De Vloed
  • Sentiance
  • Parfuma
  • Emma's Kitchen
  • Strange Donkey
  • Cultuur Connect
  • Beautiful ABC
  • Laurius
  • Avignonesi
  • Royal Victory H.C.
  • Vanden Borre
  • PrimaDonna
  • VDK bank
  • Stookplaats
  • Armonea
  • The Opera District - Dubai
  • Matexi
  • Exact
  • Isabel Group
  • Deloitte
  • BENY
  • Marine Harvest
  • Brussels Airport
  • Oresto
  • Looza
  • Veritas
  • Spaas



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